Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Patriots Defense need to collectively kill themselves....

Of course, Colt McCoy has done a pretty damn good job of it already.


Four turnovers, at least a dozen good passes dropped.... The Patriots just fell apart on the field. The time of possession alone...

Hell, if we could have got the offense on the field every once in a while, maybe we could have done something (though our frozen fingered receiver corps didn't help in that regard).

I haven't seen the Pats defense perform so badly in years.

On the other hand, I think I just saw the first proof that Colt McCoy is one of the few NCAA quarterbacks who has the ability to translate his skills, experience, and talent, into the entirely different playing environment of the NFL.

From what I saw today, McCoy has all the talent and potential of Marino or Elway. Let's hope he can keep that going, and have the team around him to make it work (and last). Otherwise he'll end up another Jake Plummer, or Matt Leinart.