Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Little Chip...

So, last night, I chipped a tooth. My bottom left rear molar in particular. Left a nice sharp edge that cut my tongue up.

So the wife snagged me an emergency dental appointment for late this morning. New dentist who I haven't visited yet, but well recommended. He's only been in practice 8 months, but apparently his patients love him.

So I get in there... Nice guy, good handshake, a couple of "interesting" photos around... and as it happens, he's a former 18D who mustanged up, and he's 10 months back from the 'stan.

After his "last" deployment, he and his wife decided that he was going to spend a couple years not getting shot at, and actually yaknow, play with his kids or something (which he hadn't done much of since 2002 or so). So they detail out to Lewis, and he starts pulling for a continuing education billet.

He made a pre-med degree over the years, but the Army wasn't willing to pay for medical shool right then. Instead, they WERE willing to pay for dental school down in Arizona (which he aced. Had the plaques for honors etc... up on the wall. Apparently he did some prestigious dental surgery fellowship).

Unfortunately, soon as he finished his DDS, instead of assigning our boy to some stateside MFAC to use his newly acquired skills in dentistry; they redeploy our new "Captain Painless" back to group for 12 months (who promptly pushed him back in theater), putting his families "new life" on hold.

He papered up the DAY he got back.

Fun guy. We might do some shooting come spring. He wants to play with some of my .300 winmags.