Monday, April 25, 2011

I was dead.... but I got better

Not quite dead, just halfway there and wishing for the other half.

Unfortunately, I'm still sick, and so is Mel. Sinus and upper respiratory leftovers, plus the irritation that goes along with your body having had to deal with being intensely ill for a couple days.

At this point though, if it doesn't clear up completely real soon now, we're going to have to cancel our boomershoot trip.

First, because we've been sick, we haven't been able to finish our prep work. I haven't even started loading the ammo. I'll be starting that today. Thankfully, brass prep is the longest and most tedious step, and I can do that while I'm on conference cals at work.

Of course, processing 400x .300winmag and 200x 5.56 cases is still going to take a while (less than a minute per case... probably two days total given interruptions). Thank god I've got the motorized case trim, and case prep tools (I've got the RCBS, but I lust after the new Hornaday) otherwise it really would take forever.

More importantly though, one does not go out in an Idaho spring (which most other places would call late winter) all day long for three days, with a sinus infection, while having hundreds of large caliber rifles going off around them... unless one is a particularly twisted kind of masochist, which I am not.