Thursday, April 07, 2011


So, that is my daily vitamin regimin, to avoid malnutrition on my ultra low calorie diet, and correct the vitamin deficiencies I currently have.

That's a total of:

2000mg calcium (200%)
9200iu vitamin D (5300%)
250mg phosphorous (25%)
660mg vitamin c (1100%)
10,000iu vitamin a (200%)
60iu vitamin e (200%)
100mg niacin (500%)
16mg b6 (800%)
2000mcg folic acid (500%)
2144mcg vitamin b-12 (36,000%)
330mcg biotin (110%)
60mg pantheonic acid (600%)
240mcg chromium (200%)
75mcg Molybdenum (100%)
1500mg potassium chloride (would only be 25% dietary, but as a supplement its 750%)

Yeah... that's a lot; and of course, it's in addition to everything I get from food and beverages (I drink a fair bit of fruit juice, eat a fair bit of potatoes and tomatoes, and a lot of lean meat).

I use the gummy vitamins, because the tumor impinging on my esophagus is making my gag reflex hyperactive, and trying to swallow normal vitamins makes me throw up. The gummies are easy to chew and swallow, and also don't taste quite as nasty (though most of them have some calories. That stack is about 200 calories worth).

The one on the end that isn't a gummy is the 1500mg of potassium chloride, and I can't swallow it either; I have to crush it to powder dump it on my tongue and wash it down.

I take that, because I'm on so much diuretics (160mg furosemide, 20mg Bumetanide) that I need to take in a huge amount of potassium to avoid becoming deficient.

That, along with other medication side effects and digestive issues (ulcerative colitis and the prilosec I take for them, gastric dumping syndrome) are also why I take so much calcium, and so much in B vitamins.

I take this quantity of vitamins every day, and my blood, urine, and saliva tests indicate I'm either at normal, or slightly deficient levels on all of them (yes, including the b12).

... and of course, that's just the dietary supplemental vitamins. I also take other supplements for the muscle loss, and to help with the hormone imbalances. Then there's the hormone injections (a 2-1/2" needle deep into the thigh muscle with 3cc's of fluid injected every two weeks).

Then theres the additional electrolytes I take to avoid cramping, and deficiencies from from the diuretics (basically sea salt and lemon juice, and in fact that's what I use when I'm out of the prepared stuff); and to compensate for the very low dietary sodium I take in.

The average American takes in about 3500mg of dietary sodium a day, mostly from processed food, fast food, and bread (Wonder bread has 160mg per slice. Factory baked sourdough might have as much as 250mg per slice). The usrda for a 170lb man is 2400mg, never mind someone my size (given my blood volume and size, it would probably be around 4000mg). My normal dietary intake is less than 1000mg, because I don't eat any processed food and rarely eat fast food or bread. The only way I make it up is with pickles (which can be very high in sodium); but with the diuretics anthe dumping syndrome, itstill just enough to keep my blood electrolyte levels normal.

Then, when I'm working out I take a bunch more supplements to keep me from becoming deficient from the exercise; and to help be able to use the extra protein I eat etc... etc...

At least I don't have to take a painkiller, anti-viral, or chemo cocktail.