Friday, April 29, 2011

A note on the royal wedding

As it happens, I was awake, and I watched the arrival of the bride and groom, and then caught the vows later on, and watched the service.

She looked beautiful, and radiant, as a bride should.

He looked dignified, and squared away, as a proper officer should...

...until he saw his bride that is; when they both turned giddy, and couldn't keep big stupid smiles off their faces.

They both looked scared as hell, and in love; as a bride and groom should.

I wish them the best of luck, and the best of lives. Whatever you think of the British royal family, this young officer, and his bride, deserve every chance at happiness.


A couple other things...

Man, William punched above his weight with this one. She looked like a Hollywood actress (in a good way); and there couldn't possibly have been a better dress for her.

William wearing his Irish Guards uniform. Again, whatever else you may say about them, these are fighting men, men of duty and honor, and true class.

Harry looked like Ron Weasley, as usual.... But that's CAPTAIN Weasley, challenger qualified, Apache qualified, forward air controller qualified, and two tours in Afghanistan (and he's trying to go back for a third)... So I think we can cut him some slack for looking goofy.

The service was really beautiful. Well written, very much inspired by the holy spirit, and still very relevant to marriage today.

I wish everyone could have such a wedding service; and I almost feel sorry for those of us who did not grow up in the Catholic or Anglican traditions, which have them.

That isn't to say the simpler services in most other Christian traditions aren't also beautiful... but there is something special... something grand and magical... about the Catholic wedding mass (and the Anglican nuptual mass is very similar). It truly places you in presence of mind and spirit that your marriage is a union in and before god, and that god is truly great and grand.

Oh and the music was beautiful. That choir is amazing.