Monday, April 04, 2011

Well... this good news bad news thing is getting really old... really...

So, the doc just called.

The good news, I don't have any visible pituitary tumors (or other tumors that we didn't already know about).

Also, my kindey and liver function are fine, I'm still not diabetic or even pre-diabetic, my cholesterol is still good, my white count is good, my blood gasses were good, my electrolyte levels were good... almost everything was good (actually a lot better than it "should" be, given the weight, especially since I'm on some hefty diuretics).

The mixed news is more of the same.... strange, and without any known cause.

While my cortisol production is high, and my suppression is low; neither are extreme enough to indicate cushings (though I have almost all the other symptoms thereof).

My thyroid function is low, but not so low it requires supplementation yet... which is odd... Given the giant tumor on the side of my thyroid I should either be producing way too much, or way too little.

My testosterone is still WAY low (running between 60 and 130, when it should be between 400 and 600). There doesn't seem to be any specific cause there either.

There's a couple of symptoms that seem to be new to the party.

My red blood cell count is unusually high; especially unusual since I'm on a dramatically reduced calorie diet (I've lost about 20 pounds independent of the fluid retention); and that's actually opposite of what is expected. If anything, they'd expect me to be a bit anemic. The doc wants to test for hemochromatosis.

The one that's really odd, is that I have a moderate vitamin D deficiency. The reason that's really odd, is because I already take 2000iu of vitamin D a day, which is 8 times the RDA. The assumption would be that if I wasn't taking so much D already, I'd be severely vitamin deficient.

Finally, we've confirmed I have pituitary and adrenal insufficiency; but it's ideopathic. There is no readily identifiable cause. Without a cause, there's also no readily identifiable treatment.

So, it's back to "treat the symptoms, then wait and see".

Basically, the doc says that there is no reliable medical research on what works for guys my size, chemistry, and body composition.

They generally understand obesity in "smaller" people, but when a guy my size, with my muscle mass, and my athletic background gets this big... they really have no clue. It could be any number of things, but all the diagnostic indicators are screwed up and masked by everything else.

The doc wants me to get my iron levels tested, to go back on hormone supplementation for the insufficiencies, and to take 5000iu of vitamin D per day.

Then he wants to monitor my weight loss, and restest everything every few months, to see how things change and if anything unmasks itself.

This is... frustrating to say the least.