Monday, April 04, 2011

Cups, runnething over, etc... etc...

Sorry about the lack of content lately folks; between work, and medical... there are just higher priorities at the moment.

I was in for tests half the day Friday.

Two full MRI studies, head, neck, and upper chest; with contrast.

I was inside the magnet for over an hour straight through. Not the most comfortable thing in the world, given you can't move at all or you ruin part of the pics.  After an hour, the itches you can't scratch tend to get irritating.

Anyway,  I should have the results back Tuesday or Wednesday. Here's hoping we get a real diagnostic indication out of this. Also, here's hoping no gigantic tumors filling my sinus cavity or anything.

So, then we have to get ready for Boomershoot.

First I've got two rifles to finish building (unfortunately still not the 1000 yard gun. I'm rebuilding my Encore with a Bulberry barrel and furniture, and my Model 70 featherweight with a Hogue stock, bipod, jewell trigger, and CDI AI mag bottom metal); one precision AR to strip to the bones and rebuild, and three scopes to mount and/or remount.

Then I have to rebuild and remount my progressive press (my Hornady LnL-AP. I never put the EZ-ject kit in. I need to do that now), and mount my Hornady single stage (for the precision .300 winmag), reset my full loading setup, and get loading (which I haven't done since we moved here).

I've got 300 rounds of precision .300 winmag to load (two .300 winmag guns coming with us), a couple hundred of 5.56 to load (two ARs coming with us), and some handgun ammo to load (I'm completely out of 10mm, mostly out of .45 colt other than cowboy loads, and 9mm.. the only thing I've got plenty of is practice loads and .45acp).

Finally, I've got a pair of shooting platforms (our spot is both sloped and muddy, so I'm building a couple of 4x8 shooting platforms to give us a level and dry surface under our pavilion) and a pair of shooting benches to build... At least I bought the stools this time (mechanics rolling stools on heavy duty 2.5" casters. I like a rolling stool, and a rock solid bench) so I don't have to make those, just assemble them.

Then in the third week of the month, I'm off to AZ for four days of meetings. Mel is coming along so she can visit her family and friends. I hope to see everyone I want to see, but it's doubtful given scheduling.

At least I get a weekend after we get back from AZ to either rest... or far more likely, finish the projects we haven't finished before the trip (especially the loading).

Then the weekend after that is boomershoot.

Here's hoping we don't find anything bad that keeps me from going. That would be very, very irritating. Three years in a row I've been ready and raring to go and something has happened, including last year where for the first time Boomershoot was only two hours away.