Friday, April 29, 2011

It's official, no Friday

Our original boomershoot plan was to set out relatively early Friday, so we could set up late morning or early afternoon; and use the afternoon for practice, sightin etc..

Due to shipping delays on parts, I didn't even receive the new barrel for my encore until Thursday morning (not Bullberrys fault. They had the barrel completed over a month ago, but EGW was out of stock for 20moa Encore rails until last Friday, so they didn't ship til Monday).

Pics of that build to come next week by the way.

Due to shipping delays on powder combined with my travel, I also didn't have my ammo loaded up until Thursday night.

So, I've got two new rifles built, with new scopes, and new ammo... on the Thursday before an event that starts on Friday.

Needless to say, we NEED the time to practice with these rifles. Hell we need the time just to get them on paper at 25/200.

Unfortunately, our respective upper respiratory infections are not co-operating.

We're both fairly well recovered; but not sufficiently recovered that we can spend all day in the field; especially followed by a night camping in 30 degree weather.  Even with a pavilion and a propane heater (and three 20lb cans) all day, and a motel at night, it would be iffy. We don't want to take the chance of being out in the weather all day for two days, and then be too sick for Sunday.

As it is, right now our plan is to try to recover some more tomorrow, load up the truck in the evening, and then head out relatively early morning Saturday; so we can set up our platform, benches, and pavilion at lunch, and get on paper in the afternoon.