Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Somewhat lighter loadout

Well, because we got sick, we cut our boomershoot trip short, and we wont be arriving onsite 'til saturday afternoon; meaning we won't be doing any shooting (except maybe sighting in) until Sunday.

That being that case, we decided to cut back what we were bringing to boomershoot, to two rifles in the same chambering.

1. The "understudy":

  • Winchester Model 70 in .300wm
  • 26" 1:10 featherweight barrel
  • Timney trigger, set to 1.5lbs (totally crisp. No takeup, no creep)
  • Hogue pillar bed stock
  • CDI Precision AICS magazine system bottom metal
  • EGW 20moa pic rail
  • Millet 35mm high tac rings
  • Millet LRS-1 6-25x56 35mm scope
  • Horus ASLI
  • Harris bipod

2. The "development" gun

  • Thompson Center Encore, blue and wood, in .300wm
  • 26" 1:10 full heavy, stainless target barrel from Bulberry, with Bulberry medium length, medium width flat target forend, in fancy walnut
  • EGW 20moa pic rail
  • Weaver 30mm high tac rings
  • Burris BlackDiamond 8-32x50 target scope
  • Horus ASLI

We've also  got a number of different loads to play with, all in all about 400 rounds total:

  1. Federal commercial  180gr btsp, 2960fps, .549bc (g1)
  2. Winchester commercial 180gr accubond (btbp), 3000fps, .509bc (g1)
  3. Winchester commercial 180gr silvertip (btbp), 2950fps, .507bc (g1)
  4. Sierra handload 180gr Match King (bthp), 3150fps, .475bc (g1)
  5. Hornady handload 208gr hpbt match, 2850fps, .642bc (g1)
Were going to be shooting off a Caldwell lead sled plus, and a Boyts "tactical" rifle rest. I'm also bringing a set of caldwell bags, and an ancient Forster forend rest with a Caldwell bag on it and a rear bag for that.

I'm bringing a Newcon LRM 1500 laser rangefinder, a Celestron 100mm F-ED Regal spotting scope, and a pair of Celestron 20x50 binocs.

We're bringing our shooting platforms (two 4'x6' "stages" to set up a level spot for benches and tables), but not our heavy shooting benches; just a couple of portable benches and a folding table; plus some stools and folding chairs. Also our 8'x8' ez-up pavilion with side walls, and a propane heater.

I'm looking forward to seeing how we perform, given two completely new, just built, and unbroken in rifles, with two out of practice shooters behind them, shooting 5 different, completely untested loads.

At the very least, it should be fun.