Thursday, June 23, 2005

Annoying and endearing

It's kind of hard to post to your blog, while your girlfriend is doing her dead level best to prevent you from doing so...

"Honey, whatcha doin"

"Tryin to write honey"

"Why are you doing that when you should be over here snuggling with me"

"Because I told you I had to write some things, I'll be done in a few minutes"

"But I want attention now"

This is followed by the stroking of tender bits and various pleasurable noises from the GF.

Now there are two things you can do at this point. Make your stand and keep writing, in which case you will have an unhappy girlfriend, and an unhppy Mr. happy; or give it up as a bad job, put the laptop away, and go at it like mad bunnies.

The time and date on this post is reflecting theactual time I wrote it... I didn't actually get around to posting it until I recovered... at 8 or so the next day.