Friday, June 24, 2005

blackberry blogging

My power has been out for about 90 minutes, and I was a bit bored... Plus I'm just a geek and I have to play with my toys... So I thought "hey why not write a blog post from my damn blackberry?"

Its nevr just my blackberry, its always my damn, or my gods be damned blackberrym it is monikered thusly for its tendency to wake me from a sound sleep at 5:22, with my irritated girlfriend grumbling (justifiably) next to me.

I hate this damned thing, but I have to admit, it let's me work more efficiently, which IS the point of it afterall.

Anyway we had one hell of a thunderbanger round about sundown. Just happens to be the time I was drivin home from work. Had a niCe bit og chain lightning, hailan the works. And of course this bein arizona, it's all hapnin at 80 degrees.

There were half a dozen downed trees or large branches and the roads were pretty well covered with tree debris. Meanwhile, the fire dept. Is goin nuts (there's a fire station 1/4 mile from my condo)...

All in all, an intersting time really.

The funniest thing though, the power didn't go down until the storm was over, and has been trying valiantly ever since to come bqck up, succeeding for a few seconds then flickering and dying. I guess they lost the wrong xformer or stub box (those big green yellow or beighe neighborhood boxes)...

Well the power just came back for a whole 5 mins, then died again... 3 mins later back on...

As I was saying, this is what happens when you lose enough overcapacity that the strain starts to take out segments. Then when the strain eases a bit, and you get a box back up, its enough for a minute, but then the load spikes again, and it fails again.

Let's just say I'm leaving my candles where I can get to them.

... And off again...

But the biggest thing that strikes me about this whole situation, is that there isn't a working electric light within sight, and yet here I am writing on the internet.

Man we live in an amazing world.