Saturday, June 11, 2005

I miss my home theater

As I recounted a few weeks back, my serious home theater has gone bye-bye with the rest of the items I had in storage. I've been making do with my x-box, and my PC (which does have great sound), but that really isnt cutting it.

As a stopgap until I can afford to rebuild my real home theater again, I picked up a Sony HT-4800DP last week.

Its a 5.1 100 watts per channel plus 100 watt powered sub, separate 5 disc DVD changer. Not great, but its better than my X-Box, and I grabbed it for $250 (list is $499, Amazon is like $379)

I miss my Onkyo-denon-klh-boston-AR system (about $10k total), but I dont even have CLOSE to the 10K or so required to rebuild the (now better) equivalent today.

The only thing was, it was missing it's original remote:

So I figured "Okay, that price is fine, I'll just order a replacement remote, and still be ahead of the game.

Well that little remote right there runs $80 for a replacement. I wasnt interested in paying that much for a single device remote so I figured "Okay, I've wanted a programmable universal remote for a while, and they aren'tt THAT much more expensive than a replacement, let's see what's around"

I'd really love one of these two:

Unfortunately they are significantly non-cheap, at something like $899 list, and $700 street.

So anyway, I started looking at what Sony had to offer, and I found this, the AVS-3100P:

Which looked cool, (some good reviews, some great, a few mediocre) but the Sony list price is ke $200. I was thinking that I'd still be interested in it if I could find it for around $150, so I did a froogle search, and saw Amazon had it for $100 and I was SOLD.

Should be here wednesday or so, lets jsut see how it works out.

Oh and if you want an idea of what I would conssider a decent stereo to be, I've actually got a far better system in my car right now. It's not quite where I want it to be, but it's decent enough for now.

The Bimmer has a single CD kenwood head deck w/ sirius tuner, going into 2 Alpine 4 channel digital 400 watters in the main cabin going in to 10 Alpine component drivers, and a 1600 watt sony monobloc in the back into to 2 Alpine R2 12" in a slot port open air box (the sealed boxes are too muddy and boomy, and I've got a sealed ported trunk).

I'm thinking about installing a Kenwood music keg, because I dont like CD changers.