Monday, June 20, 2005

Long range shooting with "normal" handguns

So Dustin, Kommander, JohnOC and I headed out to the desert for some boomage (84Charlie busted his hand up in a garage door incident. Messy... just messy).

Anyway, I retensioned my extractor (maybe a bit TOO much, because it's a little sensitive on chambering at the moment), and smoothed out my trigger/disconnector/sear/hammer engagement (no grinding, just polishing). It turns out I had a little tiny burr on my disconnetor, and it was causing my hammer to ride the slide down to half cock about 1 in 50 slide drops.

So I wanted to test out my newly repaired 1911 some; and to continue having fun with my USP compact.

The great thing about the area we shoot, is that there is a continuing series of regular berms, one at 25 yards, one at 50 yards, another at 100, another at about 200, and then a hill side with some distinct markings for distance. It's nto quite a known distance range, but it works for giving you a rough estimation.

Anyway, after some basic function testing; I decided to mess around a little.

One of the computer towers we shot up two weeks ago had been moved out to 50 yards. There was another at 100 yards, and monitors were out at 150, and 200.

A mid sized computer tower is about the size of a human chest, and its readily apparent when you hit it. A 15" monitor is a bit smaller, and again it is readily apparent.

I discovered something interesting: After a couple of ranging shots, I can hit a human chest sized target with my 1911; every single time at 50 and 100 yards, about 3/4 of the time at 150, and about 1/2 of the time at 200 yards.

I also had no problem hitting targets 4" or so across 3/4 of the time or better at 50, and 100 yards either. I was even able to make a few hits at 300+ yards.

I decided to try it with my USP compact, and although it wasnt QUITE as good, I was still making the hits.

So then I got silly, and took out my 3" barreled Kahr K9, and it wasn't nearly so easy to make the hits. I needed more ranging shots; I was only hitting half the time at 50 yards, and I couldn't hit anything beyond about 100 yards with any consistency.

I know Elmer keith used to shoot his specials out to 500 yards and more, but I had never really tried to shoot any of MY auto pistols at long ranges (I HAD with my .454 super redhawk, but that's not exactly a "normal" gun").

I had also just finished repairing LVGunners Model 28 Highway Patrolman (5-3/4" .357 magnum, basic finish, ultralight profile barrell). I found that I was not scoring as well at range as with it as my 1911, but I think it was because the stock plow grips are not to my liking. I'm thinking with a nice set of hogues on there it'd be a different story.

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