Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ahhh crap

I just partially dislocated my left knee... again.

Fuck this hurts.

My 4 year old was standing behind and to the side of me, said something to me as I was sitting down; and I'm wearing sticky rubber lug soles on carpet. I twisted my upper body around to talk to her, and whatever way I twisted myself, my foot stayed in position, but my hips and knees did not, and it twisted in a not good way.

I felt my patella "pop" out of position, and managed to collapse into my chair; then I sent my daughter out of the room to get Mel, and popped it back into place.

I didnt want her to see me scream.

Anyway, it's been 20 minutes or so; the pain is pretty bad, but I've loaded up on anti inflammatories, and it seems like it isn't swelling, so I should be OK in a couple days...

Damn this frikken hurts.