Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rockstar Supernova: Week 10 Eliminations, Lukas Finally On the block, and WHAT THE F$%@

Yes, Lukas is finally in the bottom three.

Yesterday I said:
"My guess, is that the bottom three will be Toby, Lukas, and Dilana, but it could easily be Storm instead of Toby; and Lukas could be kept alive by the emogushqueens in which case everything is up in the air. The results from the early voting muddy the picture even more so who knows."
And for the most part I was right. Toby was in the bottom three at some point last night... in fact EVERYONE was in the bottom three (there ARE only five of them), but it ends up being Storm, Lukas, and Dilana.

The Reviews:

Magni Asgiersson - Supernova, "It's all love" : I like the sound he chose here, and it's a cool arrangement. It's very current pop/rock sounding though, much lighter than I would expect from these guys. Magni sounded... finished, polished, like he'd been rpacticing with the band for years. He looks and sounds right up there. Great energy, great performance, I'm even more certain now he's won it, and everyone else is jsut killing time.

Toby Rand - Original "Throw it Away": And Toby gets the encore, which I'm happy to see. He REALLY rocks it from moment one. This is his first single for his solo tour. Toby has a real career ahead of him here; jsut not as the lead singer of Supernova. Oh and he won a car for this, so hey, kick ass. Great energy, and he just sounds perfect. Class move dedicating the song to Steve Irwin too. Oh and the house band FRIKKEN ROCKS. GREAT crowd work, and camera play. Rockstar all the way.

The Elimination:

Storm Large - Pink Floyd, "Wish You Were Here": This is my favorite Pink Floyd song, so I have high expectations. I sing this song on stage, I've performed it hundreds of times, I KNOW how this song is done, and I'm worried for Storm. She looks awesome here by the way. Relaxed and comfortable on stage, she's where she wants to be; maybe a little bit off time though. Not quite right into the change... not enough resonance, a bit dead sounding. Much better into the vocal bridge and refrain, and a decent close. I was wondering why she went with such a quiet introspective choice, when her forte is hard punk rocking, but she dedicated it to her mom, so I kinda get it. She was good, but I'm still worried. She snag this song looking like she was expecting to be eliminated, and she signed off with a definite sad note. I think SHE thinks she's gone.

Dilana Robicheaux - Cheap Trick "I Want You to Want Me": Uhhhhhhh, what the hell is she thinking of doing this song? She goes and does a hard punk version of the song, missing the time changes a bit, but really messing around with the song as a whole. Fun stuff, if a little bit off time, and gravelly. Plus, she can barely walk here. Very memorable, high energy very fun, very committed. She REALLY wants this. Even a semi crowd surf, with her bad leg. Great crowd interaction. I'm not sure she actually knew the words to the song, but who cares she had fun.

Lukas Rossi - Original "Head Spin": Well I'm glad to finally see him here; and I HATE his original; but maybe he can convince me he shouldn't be eliminated here... Anyway, he goes right into it, and he's much more comfortable on stage to start the song, but he's vamping it up a bit much. EXPLOSION into the refrain. He's got his whole gut into this tune. I expect this will do well as a solo track among the teengirls. Good crowd interaction, but he's getting spastic on stage. I hate to say this, but as much as I dislike him, and this song, his performance here was better for supernova than Storm and Dilana. Besides which, I think the band would lose half their ratings from the teeniegirls for the last week. I'm sure Lukas is not going to win, but I think he's safe tonight.

Honestly, I think both Dilana and Storm are far better than Lukas, but as I said, they just won't eliminate him before the end of the show. Storm already has a successful career, and she NEEDS Supernova less than the others do, so I think that counts against her.

and she is gone.

I'm kinda irritated that the band didn't explain their decision; buit the band clearly knows she's already a star. Maybe it was just that, she's already a star and she doesn't need Supernova enough. In fact I think she's going to do better having LOST this than winning it, because Storm is going to break LARGE. She KICKS ASS, and she's gorgeous. The world is not going to leave her alone.

So, it's down to four... and I think Toby and Lukas both know they aren't it. Toby is awesome, but he's a modern punk singer, and his whole vibe isn't supernova. Lukas... Lukas is a little emobitch and Tommy SHITS bigger than him.

So to my mind, it's down to Magni and Dilana, and I just don't see Dilana beating our icelandic friend.