Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Secure Storage

So, I’m looking for a long term, secure, but easy to access weapon and emergency supply storage solution for my expedition right now.

I need one storage solution for the following:
  1. two compact long guns, possibly AR or AK types with folded or collapsed stocks, possibly shotguns with the same; and 20 magazines (or reloads) for these long arms.
  2. two full sized handguns (auto pistols or revolvers) and 10 reloads for these handguns.
  3. a basic tool and maintenance kit for the weapons
  4. two tactical flashlights, and two spare sets of batteries
  5. a hatchet, a machete, two full size belt knives, two pocket knives, and two multi-tools
Seperately, I’m looking for secure storage for:
  1. A full emergency medical kit (the size of a large school backpack)
  2. A full tool kit (call it 2 cu ft.), plus two fire extinguishers, flares, reflectors etc...
  3. 2 two person compact shelters, along with stakes, a mallet, and foam pads
  4. 4 ponchos, 4 blankets, some hurricane candles, two rolls of TP, and a pack of babywipes
  5. 50ft of a useful rope, and 250ft of paracord, and a set of bungee cords and tiedowns
  6. A spares (fuses, lights etc) and fluids kit with two rolls of duct tape (another 2cu ft.)
  7. A case of MREs, gatorade, iodine tablets, dehydrated foods, instant rice, coffee etc...
  8. Two full sized mag lights and two compact tac lights, and a spotlight, with spares
  9. A compact camp stove with pot and pan, and two collapsible 5gal water containers
  10. A jump start kit (1100amp battery jumpstarter with inverter) and compressor
The 10 above don't necessarily need to be stored together in one box. For example the tools can be bundled together with the jump kit; the food can be separate, the emergency medical kit can be separate, but I need to keep consistent with the piorities below. In fact, for my two fire extinguishers I WANT to keep them separate for easy access; and I keep a jerry can for fuel seprate as well (I store it empty most of the time... the arizona sun).

Importantly, all the storage needs to be relatively portable, as compact as possible, easy to remove, and easy to move around the cabin (as well as easily secured around the cabin).

Right now I’ve got all the second list in a cargo net, and everything but the guns scattered around the truck; but I have no solution currently for the guns.

In an ideal world, the gun storage would lie flat on the floor of the rear cargo area, or under the rear seats; but still be movable for when we fold the seats flat.

I’m very seriously considering getting a custom storage box for the guns fabbed up at a local sheetmetal shop. It would be something like six inches thick and cover the entire rear cargo floor area, comforming to the wheel wells.

If we make the center section a foam lined slide out drawer, with hinged liftup lid sections to allow for fuller, easier access; the wider sections around the wheel wells would just be hinged liftup lids for random small items.

Basically the whole thing would act as a false floor, to maximize the useful cargo space and minimize the impact of the storage itself. All our normal cargo could be stacked on top of it.

The other supplies could go into one good sized truckbox in the back over the false floor, and be secured with load straps or bungees; or more likely one big box.

So I know what I want, and I know there are some things on the market that might work, certainly woudl for at least part of the solutin. Anyone have any experience or recommendations here?