Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Hell of a day

Well, the day started off waking up next to my beautiful wife; followed up by a chicken fried steak, and a short stack of pancakes.

It is ending with falling asleep next to my beautiful wife; preceded by sezchuan beef and rice.

In between, there was 4 solid hours of shooting out in the desert (well, not very desert really. Pretty gorgeous place to shoot), involving several hundred rounds for myself, and at least a thousand total (there were five of us there).

JohnOC got to play around with my former shotgun, and we shot some hand tossed skeet. It's been a LOOOONG time since I've tried to break a bird, and I only managed two out of 10. John did a bit beter, but Kommander manage to get about 50%.

Then Jim got his hands on the shottie... now understand he's never shot one before... and... well... lets just say I think he was a little too excited by it. Grin a mile wide though.

The result include many broken clay birds, and one unlucky desert jack. Of course what I want to know is how stupid a long eared rat (yes, that's what bunnies are) has to be to wander across a live fire range; while hundreds of rounds are going down range. Now bugs wasn't running across there, he was jsut sorta hoppin around without a care in the world.

Now let me recommend something to you, if you've never tried it. Some of the best targets in the world, are clay birds. They cost about $0.05 a piece at Wal-Mart (less if bought in large lots), and they are both incredibly visible at nearly any range, and marevelously reactive.

There are ready made target holders for them if you want; but you can also just pick up a bundle of 50 garden stakes at home despot for about $5.00, and hang them off the top of the stake. Let me tell you, at 4.5" they are surprisingly difficult to hit with a pistol if you arent expecting it; but once you've got the knack they're greatly satisfying. They're certainly a lot harder to hit than the 6" or 8" dinner plate racks commonly used in speed shooting games.

Oh and that 4-1/2" size, well if you can hit that consistently at 7-15 yards, you can keep a shot in the lethal zone with no problem.

Oh and how awesome is my wife? Aafter all, she love guns, liberty, good food, and Sci Fi and fantasy (among many other very cool things). She's getting her ccw in a few weeks, and she already knows at least one of her christmas and birthday presents is a new gun... and she's thrilled by the idea.

There are days when I am absolutely sure I'm the luckiest man in the world.