Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rockstar Supernova - The Final Countdown

The final week, the final elimination, the final countdown. I don't know about anyone else, but something feels missing to me without Storm.

The bring Ryan back for the "comeback encore", and he does "Back of My Car", and does a much better job of it here than he did the first time. I forsee hit single here really. Ryan is releasing his new album "Dark Horse", and this is a great way to launch it.

Oh and he gets a new car too. Coolness.

The Reviews:

Toby Rand - Radiohead "Karma Police" and original "Throw it Away": Not bad on Karma Police, but Toby doesnt have the breathy sweet, flasetto that Thom Yorke does, and it doesnt work as well full throated. Good performance though, and he's definitely making it his own rather than trying to do a straight cover.

Now, cool move pulling Magni up to play guitar on "Throw it Away". A little more polish on the song this time around but a little LESS intensity or energy. Not bad, but it doesnt have the impact of the first time I heard it. I still think it's a great song, and total hit single material. Drawing on the back of Magnis head... funny but I dunno. Good crowd interaction, and picking up magnis guitar from him, very cool. Now comeon, stage dive dude, you know you want to.

Lukas Rossi - Coldplay "Fix You" and original "Head Spin": The only good thing about Lukas doing this song is that it will be even clearer that he's the worst singer up on that stage. I'll give him credit, this is his best vocal performance so far. There's almost no choking strangulation here; but honestly, the band was doing all the work. I couldnt hear HIM over the harmonization from the band. No impact really at all to my mind. Good performance, jsut, I dont think he's got it.

So he takes it down to a solo shot for his original, and makes it into an emo wail; which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I don't like the song, but it sticks in your head.

Listening to the band though, it's pretty damn clear he's not the one.

Dilana Robichaux - The Police, "Roxanne" and original "Supersoul" : Oh no... Roxanne? Oh noooooo. Oh bad bad. Dilana may die on this one... But she doesnt. She actually does a really good job of it. Great acapella opening, and transition into the guitar pickup. Smooth, lots of power, good performance. VERY active but not jumpy performance. Good intensity, I like the way her eyes look here. Getting the whole crew up on stage with her was cool (including Ryan on guitar). I'm really impressed by how well she did this VERY hard song.

Now, supersoul. I'm not sure if I like this song or not, but she performs it very well. It's got a good hook to it, and an unusual sound; like the others, I can see it as a single, though I don't think it would chart high. It's got a cool creepy vibe here; and a solid slide into the power, then back into the creep. Walking out among the crowd worked out pretty well for her, and singing to the band was cool. Overall, pretty good show, though it maybe hurt her vocals a bit. Really just a kickass performance.

Magni Asgiersson - Deep Purple, "Hush" and original "When the Time Comes": Lesse, deep purple one of my favorite bands, hush one of my favorite songs, theres a high bar here... I would have keyd it a bit lower here, and not pushed the tempo up so hihg; but it adds energy to the tune. This performance is VERY amped up. Hell Magni looks like hes on something. You can really see how god a band leader he is here, with the jamming. Great performance.

Nice attack on the intro. The song is more agressive this time around, and I think he upped the tempo a bit. It makes sense that he amped up hush a bit as the lead in. Very active on stage, and GREAT grunt. Not as much crow interaction as I expected. It seems they arent into it as much as with the other rockers. Great energy, great performance, but for some reason Tommy didnt dig it.

Okay, clearly it's Magni and Dilana in the lead; and from the band reactions they're leaning toward Dilana, but I'm not sure she's the right choice. I think of her more solo with a backing band.

Honestly based on what I've seen tonight, I'm predicting Dilana as the winner, but I still think Magni woiuld be the better choice... though honestly not by much. As to who get's eliminated, Lukas is worse than Toby, but demographics say they should lose Toby first... Ahh those little teeniegirls who clog up my comments.

Tomorrow should be interesting.