Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rockstar Supernova - Down to the Wire

Alright, one week to the final, and its game time. This week, EVERYONE get's an original song performance, as well as a classic rock tune; and Dilana is looking rocky.

I have a feeling tomorrow we're going to see two eliminations, so the stakes are as high as they'll ever get.

The Reviews:

Dilana Robichaux - Roger Daltry, "Behind Blue Eyes" and original "Supersoul" : She's in trouble with this song if she screws it up; and it is NOT an easy tune; worse, she doesnt know the tune. I'm worried for her here. She starts it off, and it's about the sweetest and clearest her voice has been this whole season. Interesting choice into the change, not bad, but I would have put some grunge in it, and more power. I think she's intimidated by the song. The chair on stage isn't working, and her performance doesnt have much energy; but she's compensating for a major injury (she tore her calf muscle), so we can giver her some credit. Roger Daltry is a tough act to follow certainly, and this wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.

Her original is interesting. It's reminiscent of several modern and nu metal groups, and maybe a little bit of Nirvana in there; but still original. The band is kind of drowning her out a bit, and she's VERY gritty here, too much so I think. Very cool song though, and her energy is much higher here than on the cover. Pretty good, and the ending was great for about 10 seconds, but again, I'm a little underwhelmed. It would surprise me if she wasn't singing again tomorrow

Magni Asgiersson - The Beatles, "Back in the USSR" and original "When the Time Comes": Great song, one of the beatles more rockin tune, and some great surf rock references. He goes for a straightup cover, though he throws a little sneer into it. He's elvising it up a bit for the crowd. I dunno, it's cool, but I was thinking it would be even better, and I'm a little dissappointed. He goes into the reprise and he really cranks it up, and now he's kicking some ass. for the close. Not bad.

For his original, he's singing a translation of one of his Icelandic songs; which appears to be a modern hard rock style tune. I like the groove, and of course he's singing it very well (he wrote it affter all). Good energy, cool performance, great intensity. Maybe a little more crowd interaction might be nice, but he's singing his guts out. I can see supernova doing this song. He really cranks it up on the final verse, and gets the crowd into it. Intensity even higher, energy even higher, agression even higher, GREAT finish. Kickin.

Storm Large - David Bowie, "Suffragette City" and original "...Ladylike": Storm gets to go totally punk, with Bowies punkest commercial tune, and her own original "ladylike". Come on, with a title like that it HAS to be nasty fun. Oh, and Dave came up for the cover, fuckin a. Kick ass song. I dont like the key and pitch decision here. I think she should have gone high, and hit the scream into the refrain, instead she goes for low and mannish. This is Bowie, you don't want that, in fact she's FAR lower than the Duke, and I think it's a mistake. She's got great energy, and intensity, and the crowd is into it. It aint bad, but it could be a hell of a lot better. Oh and JESUS CHRIST SHE HAS HUGE FEET. The hit should have been at "Wham Bam Thank You Man", and there was no big pop.

Now her original is in the right key, and she's pitched appropriately. Kind of a creepy talking intro, and the tension is building. Good break into the refrain, and she's getting into it, upping the energy and intesnity as she goes. Good performance. VERY suggestive lyrics (of course). Great energy and grunt into the reprise. GREAT scream. Very sexy, and I swear to god she just came when she performed there. No I'm not kidding, look at her eyes, and her chest, and the slackness in her features now that it's over. I'm telling you she had an orgasm.

Lukas Rossi - Bon Jovi "Living on a Prayer" and original "Head Spin": I'm cringing jsut at the thought of him singing "Living on a Prayer", but I'm open to him not sucking... I just don't think he can do it. Not only that, but he's doing it solo, no band, jsut him and an electric. He's turned it into a bad nirvana song. Of course the fact that he looks like he's giving the mike a blowjob. Playing to the little chickies. I really, really, really want to kill this little bitch. He's emo yodelwail crysinging FUCKING BON JOVI. He's SOOO dead. Soooooo so dead. He's gone tomorrow for sure, thank fucking GOD.

His original is even worse. I swear to you, I can almost see his shrivled little testicles crawling off the stage in shame. Great energy and intesity at least, but he just sucks. The song is repeititve, and whiny, and not original in any way. I'm sure the little emo pillowbiting kidlets will love it. Performance wise though, I think this is without doubt his BEST performance. His intensity and crow interaction were great, but the song is horrible.

Toby Rand - The Killers, "Mr. Brightside" and original "Throw it Away": I dunno about this song selection; though it worked for Marty last season. Toby is so flat here, and he's not getting the timber he needs here. The song is supposed to have a lot of tonal highlights, and range. Toby is singing it with no headroom. He sounds pinched and flat. Which is too bad, because his energy and crowd interaction are otherwise great.

The original on the other hand reminded me a lot of Dramarama, and other bands on the new wave/punk/new romatic edge; or the modern revival of it (I could see My Chemical Romance doing it). Cool tune, great performance. Great energy and crown interaction, and he's having fun with it. The house band is really rocking this. The song is really catchy, and everybody loves it.

Now, theres five of them, and three bottom slots, so this could get interesting. Magni was soild but not great, Lukas sucked, and Dilana was iffy; but the little teeniegirls are voting for Lukas as fast as they can use up their text messages so who knows... Storms cover wasn't very good, but her original kicked ass; and the same could be said of Toby. Magni was pretty good either way, but the

My guess, is that the bottom three will be Toby, Lukas, and Dilana, but it could easily be Storm instead of Toby; and Lukas could be kept alive by the emogushqueens in which case everything is up in the air. The results from the early voting muddy the picture even more so who knows.