Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How do you explain?

Yesterday, our older girl had a question for us...

"Why is the flag low? It's supposed to be up high..."

How do you explain 9/11 to your kids?

Hell, it's not like it has an explanation that makes sense to anyone; never mind to a four year old.

"Honey, you're right, normally the flag IS supposed to be hihg, but sometimes, to remember something sad, the flag is flown low. It's called half staff, or half mast".


Well, now... how exactly do you respond to that...

So, I showed her the picture on my blog, and I said "I've got something important to explain to you honey".

Mel brought our youngest girl over as well, and I sat them both on my lap in front of the computer.

"Honey, look at this picture"

"These were some big buildings in New York. Before you were born, 19 very evil men stole some airplanes, and they crashed them into these buildings. They killed 3000 people".

"But Why?"

"Because they were evil baby; and we're still fighting the people like them right now".

"Are there other pictures, I want to se what happened?"

"Yes honey, there are, but they're too grown up for you"

"But I'm a big girl"

"Honey, I'm not even big enough for those pictures, mommy isn't old enough for those pictures. No-one is old enough for those pictures".