Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Days of Wine and... Err... Beer and Bratwurst

So we had our labor day barbeque and poker game today. We ended up with six people over, plus Mel, myself, and the kids of course, for a total of ten.

Great menu; we did burgers, glazed chicken breast, marinated pork loin, and bratwurst (and hot dogs for the kids); plus roasted corn on the cob, roasted jalapenos, fixings for the sandwhiches, and a meat/cheese/bean dip that I make... plus of course all the various beverages people can drink.

Much like the July 4th celebration we started at around noon, and I just now packed everyone off home safe. Of course on the 4th it was 3am before we ended it, but that was a bit much for Mel, so we had an early night.

One fun thing, our friends Bill and Angel brought over their wolf Loki (she's a pure grey wolf, domestic bred and then abandoned as a pup); and she and Mac got along great.

The food went over very well, and then we got down to the poker. First tournament we had six people, $5 buy-in, and I ended up taking second (with Angel taking first. She had trip kings to my two pair), then we ended up in a cash game for the second half of the night. I went up $5 then down $5, and I ended my night.

Overall, a really great day. Good friends, good food, good fun.