Saturday, September 15, 2012

10.2cm, a graphical illustration

So, a month ago, I had a 10.2cm (slightly flattened sphere,) malignant tumor removed from my neck.

Intellectually, it's easy to understand that's about 4"... but just exactly what does a 4" tumor look like?

Well, today, Mel was at the fruit stand, and they had some pretty big honey crisp apples; and she noticed one in particular.

As it happens, a 10.2cm tumor is almost exactly this big; in fact, mine was almost exactly this shape as well (within 3mm):

Ummm... that's pretty damn big.

Ok, so... how big is it actually, in comparison to my neck?

This big:


How in the hell...

Seriously, I intellectually knew that I had a 10.2cm tumor in there; but until I saw the apple up against my throat I never fully understood what that meant.