Tuesday, September 04, 2012

They Really Will Put a Flashlight on Anything

I LOVE mascara. Absolutely adore mascara. I also hate most formulas and most applicators. Eye makeup is difficult to formulate right, doubly so for mascara. So when I stumble upon a formula I like I tend to hold on to it and start testing the rest of the manufacturer's products.

Too Faced's Lash Injection is one of my never-fail, always dependable mascaras. Doesn't clump, doesn't dry out, doesn't give me spider eyes, doesn't have me pulling at my eyelashes in frustration, and looks really good to boot.

It's also really expensive. It seems all of the good mascaras are and Too Faced is no exception.  Oh I've tried the cheaper mascaras but they never really work out for me. The Too Faced ended up in my collection as a birthday present and I absolutely adore it. I just can't justify buying more.

We've been looking for a good reflective mascara for me for what seems like forever. Reflective, light-catching mascara is the holy grail of the mascara world. Lots of mascaras claim to be reflective but turn out to be regular mascara mixed with glitter (seriously). And, of course, good premium reflective mascara is expensive.

So when I saw Too Faced's Lashlight on sale for 60% off I had. to. have. it. I'd been lusting over it for months.

This is the first bit of the description:
Our innovative thickening and lengthening mascara formula contains millions of microscopic mirrors that bounce light off lashes for a super-glossy, jet-black finish for whiter, brighter looking eyes.
I figured it was the same formula and same packaging that I researched 6 months ago. I really should have kept reading. No, scratch that. It was better being surprised.

My mascara arrived today. I'm opening up the shipping box (with Chris doing something else next to me) and I pick up the mascara.

And it's heavier and bigger than I expected. That's odd. Normally a tube isn't that heavy...

I read the box...

My mascara comes complete with blue-light LED's for "precise application".

My mascara has a flashlight button.

Actually there's a huge bonus to having lights and a battery in the applicator end. The applicator stays up by itself. This may actually be the first time in history that adding a (mostly) arbitrary light source to something ended up making the design better.

Does the light source work as promised? Yes, yes it does.


Chris initially didn't believe me when I told him. His remark? "They really will put a flashlight on anything." For once a package arrived with a new LED flashlight and I'm the one geeking out over it.

I wonder if this counts as a secondary backup light source...