Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Overnight last night

We hit freezing for the first time this season. Officially it was 34, but we saw 32 here.

... My instinct keeps saying "this year" not "this season"; but of course, the last time we were below freezing was in early April this year (looked it up; there was an overnight freeze april 14th, but it had been over freezing for most of a couple weeks before that)...

So, we put our first fire of the season in the fireplace this morning; cleared out the flu, took the chill off the morning, and then we let it burn down; before it hit a high of 73 today.

It's been unusually cold overnight for the last few nights, dropping from the high 40s (and even low 50s two weeks ago), to the mid-low 30s. It should be right around freezing (forecast is 33) tonight as well; then it should be back in the mid-low 40s overnight for the next couple weeks (the normal overnight temps for this time of year. It normally doesn't average under freezing overnight 'til late October).

Amazing that four weeks ago it was in the mid 90s. Seasons change faster here than they did where I grew up in New England. Probably something to do with the maritime climate, and the big thermal mass of the ocean there, vs. the mountains (the big lake can't quite match up to the north atlantic).

We've got two cords of two year seasoned birch out back waiting to be neatly racked and stacked by our upstairs and downstairs doors.

One or two small splits in our fireplace insert does a pretty good job of taking a 35 degree outside to a 75 degree inside.

If we have as mild a winter this year as we did last year, two cords should be more than enough for the winter without needing to use the oil heaters at all.

It's good them temps will be going back up, since I start sleeping in the basement tomorrow. Mel and I will both miss the body heat with each other.