Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Hey look, there's my baby

Anybody want to see the first photograph of our placental stage spawn?

No, no matter how much it looks like it, that's not a kidney bean inside a chili pepper; that is our baby.

As she posted earlier, Mel had some spotting and other symptoms, so they had her do an early ultrasound today.

He (Mel is mortally certain of it, and the early indicators, as unreliable as they are, point that way) is currently 1.76cm long, exhibiting normal development and heart rate (both size and heart rate are at the high end of the normal range for the timeline, which is slightly more likely to be male).

We were also able to confirm the timeline, our estimate matches the OB/GYN estimates within 3 days. Due date is confirmed at April 15th -7/+14 days.

We go back for the second ultrasound in four weeks, at which time we should be able to confirm boy or girl then.