Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fallout Boy - Day 9

Long day,  running errands, down in Spokane half the day, seeing friends for the first time in a month or more (getting out of the house for only the second time in five weeks that didn't involve a doctor for that matter)... and we only got back a few minutes ago.

I'll update the radiation numbers in this post later.

Due to the sudden appearance of Teh Kitteh, we got NO sleep last night... Just sort of drifted off for about 90 minutes this morning, before the fullness of the day sprung upon us;  and we are both dead tired at the moment.

One very good number, I've lost 34 pounds since 10am Wednesday (as of just before midnight Saturday that is); and I wasn't taking my diuretics today because I was out and about (believe me, you don't want to be peeing every 20 minutes when you're trying to run errands).

G'night folks.