Sunday, September 16, 2012

If you are any kind of music fan at all

Or a Henry Rollins fan, or a serious workaholic, or a nutjob fan of any kind... This is the craziest most amazing podcast I've ever heard:

It's basically a 90 minute stream of consciousness from Henry Rollins, and a couple really big, really smart, fans of his and the music he is also a fan of. 

I was laughing my ass off the entire time, and just having my mind blown.

... But every time I hear Rollins do a spoken word performance, or do a long form show etc... He blows me away.

When people ask me how it is that I can write blog posts off the top of my head that take them an hour to read, I just tell them "that's just how I think. It comes off the top of my head like that, at a million miles an hour... "

I actually write like twice that much, typing it near as fast as I can think it; and then maybe I go back and revise it a couple times and clean it up, cut out the excessive or obscure detail, cut out the irrelevant 20% or 30%, clean up the language a little, add in the numbers and the images, and thats it... Takes me about as long to write it as it would to have it as a conversation. 

Well, my friends and I, this is what we sound like when we get going. It's just a mind walk all over the world. Anyone who has ever sat up with us at a get together (especially the Gunblogger rendezvous)... That's what this particular podcast was like. 

Anyone who's like that, even if I have no idea what they are talking about, even if I'm not even interested in the subject matter, I love the passion and the detail, and that you're really SEEING who these people are.

I just love it. 

Well worth the hour and a half... Frankly I'd listen to this for 8 hours and be bummed out when I had to stop.