Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nuke-u-lar Wessels?

So, in a few minutes I'm off to the nuclear medicine clinic for my first radiation treatment.

They're letting me do my isolation at home at least, so I'm not stuck in the hospital for four or five days; but I do have to drive down there and back alone; since Mel won't be able to sit in a car with me for at least a week.

ACtually... It's a gorgeous day, and I'm probably not going to feel well enough for a while... maybe not 'til after the weather turns... I think I'm going to ride the bike down. It may be my last chance.

There's likely to be some unpleasant side effects, and I'm probably going to feel pretty sick for at least the next few days... maybe more... So don't expect much in the way of good content.

However, we have a geiger counter/dosimeter, and a couple of experiments to run; maybe some videos of me making watches glow very brightly etc... to post.

This is likely the only time I will get to be radioactive on purpose, and if you think I'm going to miss making the jokes, and running the experiments, and screwing with stuff over it... You don't know me too well do you?