Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Damn Thing Is Almost Done - Damn Thing Number Two

Said "Damn Thing" being my heavy barreled AR.

Sorry about the lighting, these were jsut some quick and dirty shots for the web tonight.

A front quarter view:

I've covered this before, but lets go over it again.

The Gun is a DPMS forged lower, and a Wilson upper, with a 24" long, 1.25" thick under the forearm, 1" from gas block to muzzle 1-in-7 air gaged matched barrel with an 11 degree target crown; and a match bolt, lapped to the barrel extension (and with a D-Ringed extractor).

I've got a Harris collapsible swivel bipod, and a DPI first generation natural finish carbon fiber free float forend (it keeps the heat away from your hand very well) on it. I don't care for the new DPI forends, but this first gen is great. I've had it sitting around my shop for a while, waiting to use it on jsut such a rifle as this.

I've got a Magpul MIAD grip with the enhanced trigger guard built int, and a Chip McCormack single stage curved supermatch trigger, with about a 2.25lb pull on it.

The stock is an Ace tubular, with QD sling swivel points on both sides, and a 1" extended butt pad. The Ace stock is already 1/2" longer LOP than the A2 without the butt pad, and with it gives me a total of 1.5" longer LOP.

Inside that stock is an Olympic arms pneumatic buffer; which delays unlock and slows cycle time, as well as eliminating that annoying "sproooooing" sound on cycling.

It's ALMOST done, because I still need to pick up a David Tubb carrier weight system, an ambi safety and mag catch, an extended bolt catch, and of course my optics. Oh and I dont like my curent BUIS setup, so I'm looking to replace that as well.

I've got about $1500 into the rifle so far, plus about $300 in parts scrounged from my shop, and about $300 or so left to go on parts; and then the optics which could run me up to about the same as the rifle (including rings, and maybe a QD base).

...BUT, it will be ready enough for Texas this weekend, and that is the important part.

So, the obvious question is, how much does it weigh?

I don't know... but it's heavy. The upper alone weighs more than my whole Bushie superlight used to weigh.

I dunno how it shoots yet either; I haven't had it out in this configuration yet; but I'm expecting better than .5 moa with the right ammo.

Wish me luck.