Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some CSI speculation - SPOILERS!

So, this is being posted at 5:52 pm pacific, 8 minutes before the east coast feed goes up. Here's my prediction:

Sarah dies, and the killer is Paul Millander; specifically to screw with Grissom.

It is revealed the Millander is the miniature killer, and Grissom goes after him; with a cliffhanger showing a situation where Grissom would likely be killed.

Millander supposedly died already; I think they've been screwing with us the whole time; and Millander is really alive.

Anybody else got one before the show starts where you are?

UPDATE WITH SPOILERS: Well, it wasn't Millander; but most of the rest was on. They head-faked the Grissom dying bit, and left Sarah as a cliffhanger instead. I figured they were going to tank Fox because they are having contract problems with her; but apparently they want to leave it open in case they can re-negotiate.