Monday, May 14, 2007

Finishing the AR

So we're heading out to Texas for the Nation of Riflemen shoot at the beginning of June; and I want to have my AR finished up and ready to go by then.

I've ordered a full lower parts kit (under $50), which will get me shooting (I've got a buffer lying around); but it's not what I WANT to have on the gun.

It's not like I'm losing any money buying the parts kitand then buying the GOOD parts I want later. A full spring and pin kit, plus grip bolt is $25 on its own; and $25 extra to have a spare trigger, hammer, disconnector, bolt catch, safety, mag catch, and pistol grip is a fair deal.

We've had some budget hits this month; but we also planned in a very generous cushion so we could take care of a bunch of things in time for Texas; and funding allowing, I'm going to pick up the final parts next pay period (which starts 5 days before we have to leave so I have to actually order before and cover it from savings or the stuff might not ship in time).

So anyway, what does "finishing the AR" mean in terms of parts:

1. Olympic Arms pneumatic buffer system:

This buffer slows down the cyclic rate, with it's progressive spring rate action; and it doesnt make that SPROING!!!! It SHOULD work with the other bits I want (specifically the carrier weight may cause an isue), but if not I'll jsut get the MGI or buffer technologies ones... unfortunately they still use a standard spring, so you still get the sproing sound.

Retail: $60

2. Chip McCormack drop in trigger system:

In parcticular the curved single state (I prefer single stage to two stage). Its a sealed drop in unit, non adjustable with a 3lb weight and zero creep; and it should be pretty much maintenance free for life. I could go with the JP or Jewell (and they're great), but I like the CM.

Retail: $180

3. Magpul MIAD grip and enhanced trigger guard:

Retail: $65

4. MGI D-Fender extractor d-ring:

5. Tubb Carrier Weight System:

Retail: $79

6. DPMS Ambi Safety:

Retail: $30

I'm also thinking about an ambidextrous mag catch, and an extended bolt stop; but I haven't found any that I actually like, and think will be both reliable, and snag resistant.

So anyway, the retail total of the above is $415, plus what should have been $60 for the parts kit; but through the magic of the intarweebs the whole shebang (including parts kit) is going to run me jsut $340; saving a fair bit over what I thought I'd be paying when I bought the upper.

Of course it's a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of the optics... which I still havent decided on yet.

Oh and I managed to get the Varget, Hornady 75gr HPBT, and CCI benchrest primers I wanted the other day. The A-Max expriment will continue, but I need to load up 100 of the rounds I KNOW are going to work well for me for the Texas trip.