Wednesday, May 09, 2007

On TV tonight...

The DIY show "Trade School" tonight is on gunsmithing. I'm watching, and digitally recording now. Interesting so far.

Dunno if theres any video of it online anywhere, if not, and theres some interesting stuff, I'll youtube excerpts for review (fair use is a fun thing aint it).

Oh and it's on again at 2:30 and and 10:30 am pacific.

Heres the DIY page on the episode.

UPDATE: Well, it was good, but there wasn't enough of it. Clearly (and this is made even more obvious on the web site where they went into more detail), they followed this gun from beginning to end; and I would have loved to have seen all the detail work etc... instead of the 22 minute edit.

Oooh, Hellfighters is on (one of my favorite John Wayne movies). Gunsmithing, and now John Wayne... and people wonder what I do when I can't sleep...

Oh, and god help me, but I've heard they're remaking Hellfighters... which frightens me (not the war movie of the same name). Wonder who they're going to get to play Chance/Red*... Brian Dennehey is about right for it I s'pose.

*Chance Buckman was rather obviously based on Red Adair; who was a consultant on the movie (along with Boots Hansen and Coots Matthews).

Random thought: Anyone else miss Jim Hutton (never mind Duke Wayne, I'm sure all my regular readers miss him)? His son just doesn't have the same presence or spark that he had.

Huttons career was going great through the late 60s (if you haven't seen it, you need to watch Major Dundee - one of Charlton Hestons best), and then his troubles with the bottle sidelined him into B movies and bad TV (though he was good enough in the title role of Ellery Queen); until he died of liver cancer in '79 at just 45. In fact just a few months after his son Timothy made his screen debut (in a made for TV Wonderful World of Disney movie funny enough); and just a year and a bit before his son would win an oscar for his role in "Ordinary People" (Timothy was filming the movie when his dad died, and dedicated the Oscar to him.

Though, I gotta say, seeing Tim Hutton play Archie Goodwin in Nero Wolfe (along with the PERFECT Maury Chaykin - much better than Sydney Greenstreet to my mind), after his dad played Ellery Queen... well there's just something special about that.

Or maybe it's just me...