Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm kinda irritated at myself...

Because I hadn't listened to it in a while, and it took a damn lexus commercial to get me to...

Anyway, the playlist:

Oscar Peterson - Day Train
Oscar Peterson - Night Train
Oscar Peterson - C-Jam Blues
Coltrane - While My Lady Sleeps
Coltrane - Blue Train
Coltrane - Miles Mode
Coltrane - Giant Steps
Coltrane - Tranes Blues (Slo Trane)
Monk - Round midnight
Monk - Brilliant Corners
Monk - Blue Monk
Monk - Straight No Chaser

Damn that makes me feel good...

Yaknow I actually had someone tell me once that 'Trane was all soul, and no technique... well first of all, if he was I don't think that'd be too bad a thing; but seriously... Giant Steps. If anyone ever made such a ridiculous claim, all they would need to listen to was Giant Steps.