Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Trying to duplicate a load...

... from Doubletap.

Specifically, this 200gr Gold Dot at 1125fps; xcept with the Hornady 200gr XTP (I load with both, but the XTP are $3 a box cheaper).

Doubletap swears this isn't above the standard pressure ceiling; but thats a good 75fps faster than any other standard pressure load data I can find (well within +p levels though).

Anyway, I'm going for this with 6.4gr of bullseye over Federal large pistol, seated to 1.20" even. I figure it'll give me about 1050 from my Champion.

Even if I'm over standard pressure (and I'd guess I am), I'm using +p brass and my gun is set up for .45 super so I'm not worried about that.

Anyone else tried to dupe this load, or something like it?