Thursday, May 10, 2007

Perhaps this is a radical proposition...

I was reading Michael Bane today, and he noted something that Sandy Froman (outgoing NRA president) wrote:
More Thoughts on the Supremes

I'm not the only one who's feeling a bit queasy as Parker makes it was to the Supreme Court. This from my friend and former NRA President Sandy Froman, writing in World Net Daily:
If, on the other hand, the Supreme Court finds that the Second Amendment only grants states a collective right to arm National Guard units, then the consequences for the gun-rights movement could be disastrous. From that moment forward, Second Amendment rights for private citizens would be in serious jeopardy. Gun ownership could become a privilege, not a right (unless you live in a state where the state constitution contains a right to bear arms provision.)

Many millions of Americans, especially those in the middle of the political spectrum, tend to defer to the Supreme Court on constitutional questions. When the Supreme Court speaks on a matter, they tend to trust in its judgment and authority.

Right now, over 70 percent of Americans accept that the Second Amendment gives individual citizens the right to own private firearms. But if the Supreme Court were to say otherwise, you could expect that number to plummet. The next generation of lawyers, scholars, academics and even judges would all be taught as they were growing up that there is no constitutional right to own a gun. These people would shape public opinion and educate those coming after them, until eventually the percentage of Americans believing in the individual rights view might only be 20-30 percent of the population.
Frankly, I think I would rather see Congress strike down the D.C. law, which would automatically negate Parker...either that or have one more card-carrying conservative Justice on the high court.

Maybe I'm worrying needlessly about teh Court, probably the consequences of living with a lawyer for a long time.
It is important to note, the constitution does not GRANT us the right to keep and bear arms to defend ourselves, any more than it GRANTS us the right to practice our religion.

We have these rights inherently, as free men.

No law, or court ruling, or amendment can take away my right to defend myself, by force of arms if necessary; and I will actively resist the enforcement of such a law against me, with violence if necessary.

I am no second amendment absolutist. I recognize that violent felons, through their actions, have lost their right to bear arms. I recognize that people who are intoxicated or insane should not have access to arms. I believe that there should be limitations on the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction; and there should be storage and safety requirements for high explosives and poisons.

What I will not allow, ever, under any circumstances; is the government to disarm me without just cause; and no law arbitrarily disarming the populace could ever be just, under any circumstances.

There are 70-80 million gun owning household in this country; perhaps as many as 200 million people with guns in their homes. If only 1% of gun owners feel as I do thats at least 700,000 active resisters, perhaps as many as 2 million... and somehow I think it's more than 1%.

The entire United States armed forces, and every cop in America couldn't do it.

I'm no conspiracy nut, or separatist, or exilist or milita crazy etc... I'm a veteran, a husband, a father, a churchgoer and an upstanding member of my community.

I took an oath to defend my country, and my constitution, against all enemies foreign and domestic, and I intend to do so. Anyone who would pass or enforce such a law has become a domestic enemy of my country, and my constitution.

I WILL kill to defend my rights; and your rights; and everyone else's rights. I will kill cops, I will kill soldiers, I will kill politicians; I will kill anyone who attempts to abrogate our fundamental rights in such a way; and I have no reservations about dying in the process.

Some things are worth dying for.

I am no radical; I simply recognize that the first step to mass extermination is disarmament; it has been in all cases in recorded history, and will continue to be so. History did not magically disappear, and change human nature with it, when world war two ended. The only proof against mass slaughter, genocide, and democide is an armed and educated populace. It always has been, and always will be.

I am not advocating the violent overthrow of the united states or it's government; but I tell you right now, if the supreme court decides that we don't have the right to bear arms in our own defense, against any who threaten us; then the second American revolution will be a heartbeat away.

Now, what I don't understand, is why this is thought of as a radical proposition. To my mind, we should all feel this way.