Monday, May 23, 2005

No AC, 115 here...

Just fucking shoot me now.

My AC is completely dead; and has been for a couple months, but at least the weather has been semi tolerable (with lots of fan action, and me at work for most of the hot day anyway).

I told the complex and my landlady about it when it first went, but I didnt press. THen a couple weeks back it started getting VERY hot, so I asked the complex. THey said they'd check out the roof vents, and the feed line setc.. and get back to me. They did that last week. I've been leaving messags for my landlady ever since.

Her cousin called me a few days ago and said "let me get some estimates"... well she finally got back to me last night to say "Ok could you find someone to fix it yourself? I've been too busy to get any estimates" ... why that didnt happen WEEKS ago I don't know, but anyway...

So the guy comes out this morning, sees that the AC breaker is tripped, has me flip it over and turn on cool; nothing. He hits the roof (third floor vaulted cieling condo) and comes back down a few minutes later "Oh yeah, the whole things dead. Condenser burst, and the compressors siezed up, with a shorted motor. Almost looks like the thing got hit by lightning" which is entirely possible actually, the last time it was working was during a big series of storms.

It's expected that tomorrow will be at or above the all time record for the date of 113; which means in my neighborhood we'll probably see over 120...


UPDATE: So I'm stuck in an all day "emloyee orientation", which is fun since I've been in the company for a month as of this week; and I get a call from my landlady:

"Chreees, Chrees, can you hear me, this is ginger" - yes my landlady sounds a lot like Margaret Chos mother.

"Chreees, the air conditioning people jsut called, they are there with the air conditioner and they need you to let them in. I am heading over there now can you come down here?"

Now understand, they told me they would CALL me today to setup a time for tomorrow afteroon or wednesday, so this was somewhat unexpected (though not really unwelcome). So I blast down here fom work (its only 15 minutes with no traffic), and they are getting the crane setup to lift the new unit into place etc...

Anyway, 1 hour later, I've got cooling; or at least the start of it. It'll take a few hours to really get cooled down; but at least I'll beable to sleep tonight.