Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Back from another day at the salt mines

And actually, I'm feeling good.

I had way too many meetings today; most of them on teh phone (as usual being that most of the company is in other states), and including one at 8am this mornign that my schedule said was at 10.. yeah it was at 10, in Minneapolis.

Then after work I wnet out with one of my staff, and a coupld of the programmers and admins; they're always the ones that REALLY know whats going on in a company. If yo want to know whats really happening in a hospital, ask the nurses, if you want to know whats really going on in a company, aski the admins.

Of course the fact that after a while I was the only guy there, surrounded by four moderately good looking to damn hot women didnt hurt either, but see "dont shit where you eat" below.

I went through one bogus sexual harassment charge before; I am SOOOO not up for another one (I had a sexual relationship with a co-worker, and when we went up for the same promotion she used some saved personal chat logs to say I secually harassed her).

Not that I would expect that of anyone or even that it would have gone there at all; but once bitten twice shy yaknow.

Anyway there was a healthy amount of bitching, and a healthy amount of drinking getting done; which always produces an interesting atmosphere. It was a semi going away party for one of the admins (who reminded me VERY strongly of Meghan Mulally from Will and grace, and that's a good thing) so a lot of bitching was done, and that's healthy (and funny).

I'm a pretty brutally honest guy when it comes to work; and I appreciate the same, and there was certainly some honesty flowing all around.

Also one of the admins seems to be a female version of me, only VERY skinny (like 5'10 and 105lbs), so that was interesting. A surprising amount of shared experience and interest.

I lvoe finding poepl I like to hand out with at work. It can sometimes make things awkward, but it's usually worth it.

Oh and if any of my cow-orkers are reading now, once again, HI GUYS.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the new gig; I jsut need to find the cutting torch so I can get these handcuffs off and turn it on HR and Finance.

So I ended up with 3 beers, and two tequila shooters, and now I feel like getting a biuzz one; so it's whiskey time for me (to my co-workers, no that wasnt a buzz, I'm like that normally. You should see me buzzed).

Bye bye kids, have fun storming the castle.

UPDATE: Yaknow, sometimes I hate my genetic heritage. I have such a high damned alcohol tolerance that getting above a light buzz means damn near killing myself. I've just finished a half bottle of white rum and I'mn STILL not beyond lightly buzzed (I decided against the whiskey).

Oh well, at least I don't get hangovers (never; yes I am one of those lucky bastards)