Thursday, May 05, 2005


DON'T Panic

But defeninitely go see hitchhikers.

I've been meaning to publish this for a few days, but let me jsut say now; if you love the books, you'll love this movie. If you havent read them, you probably wont get half the jokes and references; but it's still funnny.

I was rpepared for a disapointment (as I am ANY time a Sci-Fi classic is amde into a movie - witness starship troopers), especially after the guardian and telegraph both said "I'ts an ok movie, but not very funny"...


It was flipping brilliant.

Okay I wish there were more of the book stuff; and there were a few niggling changes... oh and Sam Rockwell doing a "Thats our Bush" parody for two hours was irritating as fuck; but it was GREAT. I can't wait for the special edition DVD.

I was really skeptical about Mos Def as Ford Prefect; after all a redheaded white guy is a bit of a stretch for a black rapper; but he brought it off PERFECT... actually he reminded me a little bit of Danny John-Jules (which is a good thing).

Tell me, is it wrong to lust after Zooey Deschanel? I mean I already did from other things, but especially now. I really dig the cute, quirky, kooky girls (my first big movie crush was on Jordan from Real Genius; who my girlfriend actually reminds me a lot of) and she certainly qualifies on all counts.

Oh, one thing about both the books and the movies. If Ford thought the dominant form of life in the '70's was the car; I wonder what he'd think of the M4 motorway today.