Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Righteous Rant

The bastidge is in TOP form here, I would have said something meself, but I think I'll jsut let him speak for me...

Oh, and the .45 I'm about to go blast off with; that'll do some talking too.

Larrys links appear to be broken at the moment, but if you jsut look at the writing archive of the assholes personal site; I think you'll get the idea.

Heres the official "Forsake The Troops" web site as well.

Our underlying problem is this: the military is a lifestyle these morons chose. What idiot risks their life for a country? It's what they chose. Hopefully, they knew in their hearts this is abusing taxpayers' money, and they enlisted anyway. So...Forsake our Troops! Let 'em die in combat-- we don't need their ilk in this country!
So tell me, at what point does protest becomes sedition? Perhaps we should let Mr. Crook live in a country without troops like our to protect him. We could start a betting pool as to how long he'd last - First dibs on 5 minutes