Thursday, May 19, 2005

Uninspired and exhausted

Pretty much describes me the last few days.

My usual vituperous and/or sparklingly witty ejaculations have ben notably lacking lately.

Honestly, the last time I worked this hard was on Uncles Dime. I've been doing 10 and 12 hour days, then going home and doing some more.

I admit it,I'm a workaholic; and honestly I really enjoy this stuff; but at the moment it's leaving me with very little to say.

I really WANT to write something about REAL ID. Specifically it's an evil powergrab not illegal immigration solution. I should know, I'm a security guy, and I used to work for Imaging Technology corporation; at one time the leading provider of identification and access control systems for the US government. Every single reputable security professional I know of feels the same way I do.

I have probably 3000 words to write on the subject; but the inspiration and motivation aint there right now.

I've also got a bunch of gun stuff I want tow write, or finish writing.. again, nothings coming.

Right now the list of pieces I've started and am working on looks a little like this:

The IDEAL 1911 (to finish by midnight for the carnival of cordite)
Specious Currency
Identitfy theft
WHats so fun about drugs and drunkenness
Majority, Minority, and Consent
Private Morals, Public Laws
The infantry company in the attack (I've been promising that one for a while)
Food Freaks
Favorites (TV Shows, Music, Movies, Books, Guns)
Yet more recipes for real men
Sleep Deprivation
The Most Dangerous Words in the English Language
Anarchy is Stupid
The Code Culture
The War on Boys
Laws and Taxes
More on management, customer service and support