Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Political compass

Ok, so in general I dont care for the political compass; because their questions are pretty clearly libertarian biased, but I was suggesting my very liberal girlfriend (for some reason it always seems to work out that way with me and women) take it and see where she comes out on it.

It had been quite a while since I took it, and I was thinking about it, and realized I've become a bit more of an absolutist over the post few years.

So anyway I took it again, and heres where I came out

The Political Compass

Economic Left/Right: 4.13
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.13

You might notice, there isnt a SINGLE candidate anywhere near where I would be on this chart of the most recent presidential election.

The closest to me would be about where the L in Michael Badnariks name is

Maybe I'd fare better internationally?

Nope, guess not. Not a one there in my whole QUADRANT.

I'm really more of a fan of the Pournelle Axes

The statism axis indicates what you feel the proper role of the state is, especially as regards the individual. The rationalism axis measures ... well essentially how much you believe in your fellow mans inherent niceness, reasonability, logicalness, and lack of sin or evil. Pournelle labled it rationality vs irrationality, which isnt the greatest description, but he qualified it by saying he intended it to be an indicator of the attitude towards "planned social progress", and whether it can exist at all, whether it can be imposed from the outside etc...

Basically I look at it as whether or not an informed populace can be trusted to make good choices given apropriate options and resources; and without governmental or media interference.

Generally speaking, conservatives are more trusting of the state than libertarians, and less trusting of our fellow man. Funny enough, so are liberals, but in a different direction. Conservatives trust you with your money but not your genitals, and liberals trust you with you genitals, but not your money.

Frankly I'd like a government that stays out of my bedroom, AND out of my wallet; but since that would require a mass rising in armed revolution and a wholesale slaughter of the political classes, and the media; I don't think it will happen any time soon.

On this chart I would fall in at about a 2, 4 (about the same as say Jerry Doyle, maybe a little left of Tammy Bruce or Laura Ingraham), meaning that I dont particularly trust the state very much, though a bit more than Ayn Rand, and I don't particularly trust my fellow man very much, but a bit more than say, Sylvia Plath (god knows why they still force the shit down peoples throats); and I DO believe in the free excercise of choice and will... tempered with responsibility and consequence.

I'm guessing that the GF will be somewhere in between a 3,3 and a 4,4 on the pournelle chart (about my mirror image), and I'd guess that on the political compass she'll be about the mirror image of me as well, at a -4,3