Friday, May 27, 2005

Layeth the Smacketh Down

As I've mentioned several times before, I'm the moderator of the Nation of Riflemen Forums at

Generally speaking this is a pretty easy gig, and I get great joy in being able to help out my fellow RKBA, and freedom loving friends have a good forum experience.

But sometimes, the assholes show up; of one stripe or another.

Suprisingly enough we don't get a lot of Gun Fearing Weenies (GFW); or shrill liberal idiots. The biggest problem wehave is with fntasy gunners. You know; counterstrike warriors who spout off about how great this or that is, meanwhile the only gun they've ever held had "airsoft" on the box.

Sometimes though, we just get total assholes. Such was the case this evening. The background here, this guy was kicked off yesterday for REPEATEDLY being an asshole over the course of about three weeks:

OldStyle (posting under the fraudulent account Bluejay): Hi, oldstyle here. I know I was kicked off but I don't care. i am actually 52 years old and have been a gunsmith for 21 years. I am also a collector of antique firarms I have 32 antique handguns and 39 antique rifles plus 11 antique shotguns and 19 modern guns. I know that Kim Du Toit is the host and I don't care his post was very inacurate. I live in America, in America it is OK to disagree with someone. I disagree with every democrat that is elected in this country. I would tell Bill Clinton he and his bitch Hillary are wrong to their face. So I don't care what you say.
I dunno about you, but somehow I doubt he's really 52 and a 21 year gunsmith; but stranger things have happened.
Chris Byrne: Great, you get to disagree all you want. You dont get to be rude, or an asshole unless Kim or I say so.

Hell, you may even be right; in that the Astra does have collector value as an unusual firearms design. I don't care. You were rude, and an asshole. Being rude and an asshole is against our rules. You were banned.

This isn't America, this is KimDutoitland. More to the point, this is private property and by willfully accessing this site after being banned you have done so without authorization, and in violation of our terms of service.

Yes geographically, this is America; and in America that is a felony. Look it up if you like. Start with a search of the name Kevin Mitnick.

Why you would even want to do this; and why at 52 you are so emotionally stunted as to find this necessary I'll never know, but I'm going to ban you again.

If you post under any other name or sign up with any other email address I'll call up your ISP admin and have them drop you as a system cracker; they'll do it in a hot minute because ISP's are cowards desperately afraid of lawsuits, and I have logs of everything you've done here.

Or you can jsut apologize for being a rude asshole and join the rest of us in our spirited but civil discussions. I'll even re-instate your other account if you like with the original name.

Otherwise go away, and don't come back.
Ok so I was harsh, but I think fair here. offered another chance; I even conceded he very well may have had a point... some people the "anonymity" of the internet makes them think they canbe as rude as they want to be.

But the internet isn't actually anonymous; at least not without significant skill and effort. 30 minutes later I'm going through some membership information and I see the asshole has tried to sign up twice more with different names... thats fucking it, time for the smackdown:

Chris Byrne: Ok, that's it. I was giving this asshole another chance, and I find out he tried to register under yet another name...


A user of your internet access services, identifying himself first as
"oldstyle", with the email address and then
as "bluejay" has repeatedly accessed, or attempted to access, our web
based forum systems after being banned; in violation of our terms of

I informed the individual that I would contact their ISP's abuse and
security co-ordinator if they attempted to access our systems again.
After being warned against this behavior, the individual then attempted
to access our systems again using another fraudulent account.

This user was accessing our systems from the IP address
(a melbourne IT registered netblock) as of 1:31am US central standard
time (CST), Friday, May 27th, 2005. His last prior unauthorized access
was from on 05/25/05 at 11:54 pm CST."

Remember folks, sysadmins know how to deal with this sort of bullshit. We are friendly people here, very tolerant of other folks opinons; and we are all for giving people second chances.

Lord knows I can be the biggest asshole of them all.

What will NOT be tolerated is violating our rules, or terms of service.

I'm an IT operations manager, who up til a few weeks ago was a security consultant. I do this sort of shit for a living. You do NOT fuck with my friends.