Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Car Wash Update

So in Domestic Life I mentioned the pollen and grime situation arround here:

"we get a lot of grime around here. Just sitting still in covered parking for a couple days means you need a wash - dust and polluiton. Pollen season is even worse."

So I wake up this morning and what do I find? An all black, freshly washed BMW completely coated in a fine yellow dust.

Yes folks, the trees really DO know when you're going to wash your car, and save it up for you that day.

Even better, it looks like rain. Of course it's been looking like rain for weeks without actually raining (we did get one slight moistening for about 10 minutes); and honestly we desperately NEED the rain so I'm not really complaining, I'm bitching.

If you don't know the difference between complaining and bitching, you need to spend some time in uniform. Complaining is serious, bitching is a way to pass the time.