Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Oscars

Anyone else watch the oscars? No, me neither.

I havent seen ANY of the films with ANY of the nominations in ANY major category. I do PLAN on seeing walk the line on DVD at some point,

I spent a far more enjoyable few hours watching the special features of my Indiana Jones special edition set. Let me jsut tall you right now, Harrison Ford is a grade A bad ass MoFo. Have you SEEN temple of doom? He did 1/2 that movie with a herniated disk. Raiders? He tore his ACL 2/3 through filming in FRIKKING TUNISIA; taped it up and got back on set.

This is a guy who working as a carpenter fell off a roof, and got a NAIL stuck in his skull.

Anyway, back to the oscars.

Big story is this: Brokeback didn't win best picture. Hollywood doesnt really like gay cowboys enough to vote for them; either because they love a story about L.A. more (Crash won), or because they were afraid that the rest of america would reject them if they chose the gay cowboys.

Of course most of us rejected hollyweird long ago, so anything they do doesn't much matter unless you happen to be in the business (lord knows how Bill Whittle can stand to look at these people eveyr day), or if you consider everywhere between NY and LA as "flyover country"

Brokeback didnt win best picture, and none of it's stars picked up statues; but they DID give the safer award, best director, to Ang Lee. They also gave the best adapted screen play award to Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana, and since everyone says it's well written (even the folks who didnt like the gay thing), hey whatever.

I'm glad Phillip Symour Hoffman finally gets his oscar, because he's always playing spectacular supporting characters that never win anything (next up, Paul Giamatti). He deserved a best supporting actor oscar for at least three of his other movies, so maybe getting the big one (and it definitely has the most impact of any oscar career wise) can make up for it a bit (again I mention, Paul Giamatti).

Witherspon got best actress as everyone predicted. I havent seen walk the line yet, but everyone says she's amazing in it... I dunno... legally blonde two to an oscar... then again she could be amazing.

George Clooney... an oscar... yeah no. The idea that Clooney actually deserved this is laughable, because while the guys is a great movie star, he's not much of an actor. Hollywood gave it to him to say "Hey George, we love your politics man, keep up the good work. Oh and fuck Bush."

Rachael Weisz gets the supporting nod for constant gardner... OK, that's another political one I think just saying "yay" to the message of the movie. Not that I don't love Weisz (see her in confidence for what I think is her best actual "acting" job).

This year, I've only seen ONE of the winners that's actually presented tonight, and that was best makeup for chronicles of Narnia.

And I'm a movie nut.

Doesn't that jsut say somethin to ya?