Monday, March 13, 2006

The reason for the comics lovin

One might note, I just had two comics posts from a previously unlinked comic.

There are several reasonas for this. My friend John sent me a link earlier in the day, and I've been archivesucking ever since. Anyway, reading through thearchives it turns out I know the guy. Or anyway I think I know the guy, because I used to live in Fremont, and I'm almost certain I know the guy who inspired lord milligan, the comic strip pinpointing lord milligans house is where he used to live etc... and he has friends Andy and Casey, which would be somewhat odds against not being him.

Anyway, It was an odd coincidence.

But it turns out the comic is pretty damned funny, plus, in the words of John the cartoonist is "a classic example of someone unable to stop using their brain hammering away at the inside of a solid shit eggshell of leftist indoctrination..."

Thus making it clear once again why John is my friend.

Anyway,I came across this news post from 2004 and jsut had to share:

" October 1, 2004

As the US Presidential election draws near, I ponder: What the hell gave Hollywood stars the impression that I give a shit about their political opinions?

Like, is there some mandatory course in American Political Sciences that they give at the studios that makes Susan Sarandon or Roger Ebert experts on what is best for the country? See, I have this theory. My theory is that movie stars, pop singers, etc. don't know jack shit about politics. At least, no more than anyone else. So when you hear one of them babble incoherently, pretend it's some guy at a bus stop.

In fact, the guy at the bus stop will probably have a more valid opinion, as he is less likely to be a drug addict.

My personal favorite idiotic political view comes from Carlos Santana (lead singer of Santana). He believes that instead of one President we should have seven, and they should all be women, and they should represent 7 specific races (one White, one Black, one Native American, etc.). Wow. Let's bask in the wisdom of Mr. Santana's proposal that we place restrictions on the Presidency based on gender and race, and have SEVEN of them. I guess when they disagree they can mud-wrestle or something.

Stick to making idiotically repetative music, Carlos. It's what you suck marginally less at.

WARNING: As the election gets closer and closer, I'm going to be more and more likely to ramble about how sick of politics I am. But, as always, it won't find its way into the strip.