Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I was over reading MadOgre, and he mentioned that FBMG just got the Tromix breching conversion on a Saiga 12:

Tromix Entry gun -- Take a Saiga 12ga, cut the barrel down to 8" and add a breaching stand-off, side folding stock and relocate the trigger pack and this is what you get. Individuals are subject to the $200 tax.

Lesse, 10rd box mag, short barrel, bulletproof semi-auto action, LOTS of stock and grip options... yeah I can do that.

Mel likes the looks of it too; when she saw it she said "I want one too". Yeah $580 + $200 to the ATFU, but still, I can't think of a better cross the room/down the hall gun. Actually I'd love to see a patterning comparison between the 8" and 12" barrel at say 10 yards to see if theres an advantage to the 12, but other than that...

I have no qualms about using a Class III weapon defensively BTW; if a DA is going to charge you, he's going to demonize you no matter what weapon you're using. I live in AZ which is one of the biggest Class III states in the country, AND we have a sancturay law with castle doctrine so as long as I'm justified I'm not worried.

Now if only someone would come up with a safety conversion for the AK so that the safety doesnt suck/is usable.