Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I do so love my friends

So my friend Ben points me to this seriously screwed up AMV(Anime Music Video). For those of you who don't know, AMV's are things that geeks with far too much time on their hands, and extensive collections of pirated movies, and music do with final cut pro (and others of course, but FC is definitely in the lead by a big margin).

Eh, mac geeks... no accounting for taste, or sanity (the AMV's not for owning a mac, which I am currently lsuting after).

Anyway here's a little snippet of our conversation illustrating some of Bens thought processes...

Chris: Dragon Ball Z clip with Metallica behind it

Ben: hey now, if ya trimmed down all the MANY overlong fight scenes, that anime does have some grand bits. Mostly through Cell and nothing after

Chris: Can't stand it
Chris: "Ahhhhh must... build... more... power... by... straining.. to... squeeze... out... this... gigantic... constipated... SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben: I found it like reading a Charles Dickens or Thomas Hardy book... Over-long, but when you've put up with the characters for that long, ya start to care about 'em

Chris: ...
Chris: ...
Chris: ...
Chris: I was about to say I can't believe you made that comparison... but actually I can. Not that it's an apt comparison, but that you made it

Ben: You tell me it doesn't fit.

Chris: Thomas hardy?

Ben: 'Jude the Obscure', 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles' and others
Ben: British
Ben: somewhat famous
Ben: and annoying

Chris: Yes I know who he is, I'm just speechless at the thought

Ben: amazingly depressing stuff

Chris: British literature is ALL amazingly depressing stuff
Chris: Hell, even the A&E versions...
Chris: Oh, and you must know, I'm blogging that little exchange

Ben: oh?

Chris: Oh yes... Comparing DragonBall-Z to "The Mayor of Casterbridge"
Chris: It's Geekerific