Monday, March 27, 2006

The Mortal Coil

Interesting question on the NoR today, what do you want done with your remains when you die.

I'm one of those folks who thinks that once your dead, your body doesnt matter much, and I don't think the body should matter to others either.

You aren't your body; you are your mind, your soul, and the impression your life leaves on others. Your body is just meat.

Just as long as there isn’t a body to fetishize I dont care how it gets disposed of. That said, I don’t particularly feel like being planted in a sealed environment just to liquify; and have my family pay through the nose for the privilige. If I'm going to be buried, I want to be buried in a shroud and a cardboard box. I'd rather jsut the shroud but most places no longer allow that; REQUIRING you be buried in a CERTIFIED casket.

That's jsut so much bullshit from the funeral industry; who has amanged to elevate the avareage cost of a funeral to that of a decent used car; and who's high pressure lying sales tactics are rougly equivalent to the worst of THAT business.

Personally, I'd rather jsut be cremated. No body, and anyone who wants some of my physical remains to remeber me buy can have them if they want. I think I'd like to give an ash vial to everyone who wants one, then have the rest disposed of. Scattering the ashes in a politically incorrect way seems appropriate.

Also, no funeral for me. I want a bigass wake were everyone pretty much gets plastered and exorcises the grief; and then that’s it. I'm Irish, it's a tradition, and a damned good one for a reason.

I tell this little joke:

The Motrocyclists Prayer

Now I lay me down the sweep
I pray the road it's traction keep
But if I die throw me a wake
Where everyone gets fully baked

Of course I didn't mean that in the 70s and on sense, but in the classic sense. Baked and Stone used to be words for happily drunk til near comatose; and they should be reclaimed as such.

One thing though, if I don’t manage to get out into space before I die; I’d kinda like some of my ashes shot up there.