Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Getting ready to move over to MuNuvia

Well, I've got my template MOSTLY worked out, I've still got to fix some .css issues and little things with the main template; then the archive template and the .rss feed; and I'll be ready to move us over to .

When we move over, this site will be maintained for the archives and comments; because there is no way to import Haloscan comments into Moveable type (at least as far as I know). Oh and because it's going to take me weeks to fix all the absolute links in other posts; and to re-categorize the posts.

John OC was making the point t'other day that if someone would just script up a conversion tool from blogger to MT that the blogging world would kiss their feet. It shouldn't be too hard to do, because the MT import format is simple.

You can also export haloscan comments into a standard format, and MT imports comments in a standard format along with post import, so it would be technically possible to do some perl munging and import the comments.

Unfortunately no-one has bothered to do it yet, probably ebcause most folks only ever want to move one blog, and dont feel it's worth the time.

Personally I'm not doing it because I hate debugging perl in ways that shouldn't be described in polite company.

Anyway, check out the new site, and let me know what I should change to make my readers happier, and bugs bugs bugs. Readers eyes seem to be infinitely better at finding screwups than mine.