Friday, August 11, 2006

Profiles, a New Blog Meme

I'm officially Christopher J. Byrne IV, but Chris is the accepted diminutive.

If anyone wants to know more about ME than is presented in this profile, my personal web site is, my personal blog is and I co-blog (and moderate) at, where I am a co-founder.

I'm also a moderator at "The other side of Kim DuToit" and 'The Nation of Riflemen" forums at:

and a co-founder of the "Life, Liberty, and Property" blog community at:

and the "Gunbloggers" community at:

As to Politics, I'm a muscular minarchist; which is kind of like a small L libertarian with a machine gun.

More on that here:

and here:

As to ME, I am a husband, a father, a son, and a brother. I am a general misfit and malcontent, though when necessary I hide it well. I'm crazy like a fox... at least that's what I tell myself.

I'm an aerospace engineer by training, a former USAF mustang officer, a private pilot, a shooter, a former semi-pro football player, a guitar player and singer (the first badly, the second very well), a martial artists, a master and natural dom, a sailor, a boater, a motorcyclist and dirt rider, an automobile and racing enthusiast and amateur racer, a collector of fine watches, knives, firearms, swords, books, and old computers, a voracious reader, a trivia and pop culture junky, a serious poker player, and a GAMER of all types.

I have a wife, Melody (Mel), and two daughters, one who will be five in January, and one who'll be three in four weeks. I also have a large Irish extended family, and a brother, who I don't get along with at all.

I grew up in and around Boston and New England, but I've moved 34 times in the last 30 years (yes, I mean that literally).

I went to college in Arizona, and came back here three years ago when my mom got very sick again (she's curently final stage terminal); which is where I currently live. My mother, and my brother live about a half hour away, and the rest of my family is still in Ireland or New England.

I've been all around the world; to all 50 american states, and 40 someodd countries. I say someodd, because some of them aren't countries anymore, and some of them are several different countries now. I lived in Ireland for three years, and at least a few months in England, Germany, Australia, Israel, and Russia. I hold multiple citizenships, including US, Irish (born to Irish parents in America), Russian (got it with a bribe), and Israeli (complicated story that).

My parents split when I was two; my father going to prison, and my mother going to work. She owned various small businesses or worked as a contactor at a half dozen different jobs. We were poor, but we had enough. I had a rich family but she never took any money from them. The one advantage I got from this, was I lived in a nice town with good schools... well that and a ridiculous work and achievment ethic which has helped me become who I am.

I am currently working as a senior architect for one of the world largest banks (I design very big computer, network, storage, and security systems); and I'm also a professional security consultant (information, electronic, and physical) freelance writer, and author.

I used to write widely both under my own name and on spec under byline for the tech industry, but it's not worth the money or the stress anymore. I've co-authored several IT and security books, and I've beena contributor to several published games and supplements.

And that's about it, now go post your own.

Chris Byrne
The eyes may be the windows on the soul
But the word is the doorway to the mind